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Dimensions: 24×17 cm

Color: Pink-gray

The interior consists of categories of monthly view with squares for each day of the month, a category of weekly planner for each week of the year, and a category of notes made up of dashed pages. Empty space for each day of the week give you complete freedom for your unique style of planning and organizing the day. It comes in B5 format with a rubber pen holder.


Production time: 3 days

After production and personalizing, we will send you a photo of the finished product to your e-mail, and after you approval, the product will be sent to your home address.


In order to be successful in life, we need to have written goals towards which we are going. They say that a man without a written goal is like a ship without a rudder – he goes where the sea carries him! It has been proven that those who plan a day, a week, a month, a year are more successful … so give yourself and your loved ones a planner and start writing down goals, plan your time – try it, the only thing you can get is SUCCESS ❤

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Dimenzije14 × 21 cm
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